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D Small satchel


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Today I’m going to blow this vintage phone bag!

A classic vintage style phone bag, you can carry it for three to five years without any problems after you get it

After unpacking the packaging, you will really be amazed. Even the outer packaging box is very attentive, with a strong Eastern charm. Skilled Jimei can try DIY, get a photo frame and hang it on the wall, and a stunning painting will be done!

The bag is a vertical version, which looks a bit more unique compared to the horizontal version. Pairing it with black and gray clothes can not only become a highlight of the whole body, but also make the whole person appear dignified and steady. Pair it with casual clothes and rivet boots, wow! This year’s fashion icon is you~

The outside is made of old patterned fabric material, which has a special texture. There is a card slot inside made of lambskin, with excellent details and a soft touch. I love it.

Mini bag, don’t expect it to hold too many things. Basically, a phone or headphone case is packed to capacity, and too many bags can easily deform and be particularly unsightly.

Speaking of it, isn’t buying it just to go out and set up clothes, create a concave shape, and take beautiful photos? They are only responsible for beauty. Don’t treat them like those seductive sluts who are particularly good at “pretending”, okay~~

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