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【 Fragrant Perforated Leather Bag Earnails 】 Purchase Z 9000, the latest series from 23 Handicraft Workshop! The first batch of small quantities are now available! The old rule is first come, first served 💥 Like the explosive Lingge wearing leather incense bag earrings! At a glance! That’s amazing! Definitely becoming a classic fairy earring! Classic leather wearing ➕ Lingge pattern with bag elements! Super explosion! The concave and convex patterns on the back are all handmade by the master, little by little! The Fried Dough Twists pattern on the earrings is so cute! Full of retro feeling 💗 The handle of the bag is movable! Separate components! Differentiate between low versions on the market! And the back grain has concave and convex details! All the consistent ZP details that need to be purchased for publishing! Identify our products! Full of advanced details! It’s worth having ❗ :

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