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【 Fragrant Weaving Pattern brooch 】 Z 4000, 23 Handicraft Workshop’s latest series! The first batch of small amount of cash flows ❗ The old rule is first come, first served 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ A Brook with a strong sense of design! Mix and match multiple textures! Looking at the minimalist style, it’s not simple at all! The minimalist and not simple design definitely means this! The classic and elegant cc logo is composed of multiple patterns, with each line carved by the master under a microscope! Subtle and exquisite three-dimensional feeling! The back is irregularly dented by hand hammering! Free spirited and stylish! Love, love 💗 Superb! Super flavorful! Lightweight and exquisite! That’s great ❗ The daily pairing is amazing! Every aspect is well handled! Immediately increase the level of any single item pairing 🤩 Classic elements will be loved in ten years’ time 💗 Wall crack recommendation! The same series of earrings are synchronously updated! Suggest one set for wall cracking 🛍

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